Lusher Charter School is in partnership with Tulane University.

Lusher Charter School

The Willow Street Playground Is Here!

Lusher had a VERY successful community build on Saturday, January 21. A Lusher construction crew worked tirelessly for two days to prepare for the build on Saturday, and the excitement rippled throughout the building as heavy equipment, drills, and blades were put into action. Word quickly spread that a REAL rock was being dropped into a hole. On Saturday, parents and staff worked throughout the day to add slides, a zip-line, climbers, twirling pieces, and more. Students created a banner to thank Whitney Bank for their very generous donation and displayed it on the fence for all to see. This was a wonderful event that our students, parents, and staff will remember for many years to come and is a testament to what makes Lusher so special. Our community! 

You can see pictures of the installation here, or come by and check it out for yourselves!